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Client Testimonials

“I’m from out of state and had a run in with the law in Iowa for an OWI. It was not a fun experience. Shawn was able to provide excellent representation and the results he had foreseen occurring in court. So if you’ve made a mistake and need defense representation, don’t make a second. Call Shawn.”

Ben M.

“Shawn and the others at Smith Law Firm were great to work with during a difficult time in my life. They handled my case very well and were quick to answer my questions and always had a caring attitude.”

Greg G.

“First of all, I want to thank the Smith Law Firm for the excellent job they did on my case. As with any other person I got easily stressed in the situation I was in, but the Smith Law Firm made it easier and I was able to continue my studies. The case was “out of sight, out of mind”, and it helped me a lot while studying.

Very much appreciated.”

Kenshi S.

“Shawn was very helpful and cooperative. In general, I must admit Shawn kept very honest. He understood the situation he was dealing with and gave us small examples of how risky certain routes were–instead of telling us that they can guarantee success (that may not happen), he was straight-forward with our possibility. Mr. Smith displayed commendable work ethics, even while I became short staffed because his assistant had left unexpectedly and while he had to deal with personal issues. Shawn kept pushing forward on the case and managed the processes very well. His other staff members were remarkably friendly. I am very satisfied with the service and relationship built with this firm.

Since I was a college student, my budget was very low.

Even after the case, Shawn had agreed to his idea of a manageable budget regarding pay–resulting in establishing a payment plan that is reasonable and manageable for a college student or someone who may come from an impoverished family.

On top of that, although there are moments where we were not able to pay right away during some months, Shawn did not hassle or haggle us, creating a sense of trust as we worked to build up more funds to accommodate remaining payments.”

Tommy V.

“The Smith Law Firm is the best! Now I can see why there are so many positive testimonials about it. I highly recommend this law firm”.

Doina S.

“Smith law office, gave me straight forward, honest advice. They took care of my case quickly and decisively”


“I had a fantastic experience with Shawn and the staff at the Smith Law Firm. Anna was always very friendly and helpful when I called and Shawn was extremely patient and non-judgmental in explaining everything to me and answering any of my additional questions. I would highly recommend The Smith Law Firm to anyone in search of legal counsel.”

Tara F.

“Shawn is very professional i was very pleased to work with him.”

Patty D.

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