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What Happens If I Delay In Seeking Medical Treatment?

You should never delay seeking medical treatment. You always want to go to your medical professional for a check-up after an accident, or if it is severe enough, seek an escort by ambulance to your local hospital. Oftentimes, you may feel fine only to realize days or weeks later that you are experiencing some type of pain and or have an injury. If this happens you should call your doctor right away as well as inform your insurance adjuster and your attorney.

What Is the Importance of Following Doctor's Orders in an Auto Accident Claim?

It's always a smart move to follow your doctor's orders when involved in an automobile accident. You do not want to show any gaps or missed appointments when someone is involved in an auto accident. It is very important to follow your doctor's advice regarding your treatment plans. The at fault party's insurance representative will try and minimize your injuries, and ultimately your claim if they learn you are not attending treatment or missing your appointments that have been recommended for you.

How Important Are Evidence Or Witnesses In An Auto Accident Claim?

Evidence and witnesses are very important in any and all auto accident cases. This is because you must establish liability for the accident and for your injuries. Evidence such as pictures, names and information of any witnesses are very important in proving your claim.

How Long Do Auto Accident Claims Typically Take To Get Resolved?

An accident case can take anywhere from a few months to almost two years to get resolved.

How Is The Viability Of An Auto Accident Claim Determined?

There are two things that will strengthen the viability of an auto accident case. First, the seriousness and type of injury, and secondly, clear liability against the at fault party.

Why Is An Attorney Needed To Handle An Auto-Accident Claim?

In theory, you can handle an auto accident case on your own, however you are at a real disadvantage when dealing with seasoned insurance adjusters who are only there for the other side. An experienced auto accident attorney will be able to value your case upfront and negotiate from a position of strength with most insurance adjusters.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Auto Accident Claims?

What sets our firm apart at the Smith Law Firm is we only take cases where liability is clearly established. We are very selective when deciding to take on any auto accident cases. Because of this, we give the time and attention needed to properly negotiate a fair and just settlement, or vigorously represent our clients' interests in trial if need be.

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